There Are NO Excuses for Drunk Driving: GoAuto’s Guide to Getting Home Safely

Greg T.|August 8, 2019

Most people don’t think about the impact of drunk driving unless they’ve been affected by it. The easiest way to make sure you aren’t tempted to drink and drive is to plan ahead to have a safe ride home.  >>> Read more

Summer Car Care: 4 Ways to Protect Your Vehicle During the Hottest Months of the Year

Greg T.|June 10, 2019

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Safe Driving 101: Top 5 Tips for Road Safety

Greg T.|April 2, 2019

Keep yourself and everyone else on the road with you safe when you’re behind the wheel. Make safe driving your top priority every day! Here are GoAuto’s top 5 safe driving tips. >>> Read more

Did You Know…

Greg T.|October 22, 2016

Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) defines fraud as the willful abuse of an insurance policy for financial gain. Fraud is intentional and illegal. >>> Read more

GoAuto Commercials

Greg T.|August 1, 2016

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